Afrofutures and Astro Black travel: UK Edition


“A fantastic primer on Afrofuturism from one of the UK’s most erudite and intelligent rappers. Juice Aleem engages in some deep thought-processing on how the various possible futures for what he calls “Astro Black Travel” might play out, where their roots began, and how these futures might be explored. Essential reading” – Bram E Gieben

Put together as both a handbook and passport for those who may be seeking to go a little further than the usual urb*n adventure will allow: Afrofutures and Astro Black Travel not only gives many insights into the phenomena known as Afrofuturism but also how it can help jump-start social movements worldwide and inside self.

In fact, the movement is already happening and this passport is simply showing ways for us to jump along for the ride in a leadership position.

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