The vinyl album’s artwork was perfected by the one known as Will Barras. The premium package has extra work too and is also available from Gamma Proforma.

Voodu StarChild is the music you make after you change almost everything about the album you had ready to release.

Its what happens after your mother travels to the other side and you fully understand how much she had done for you and your siblings with so little help.

When you inner sight how unconnected you are to the world around you without the anchor of your mother’s presence.

How much your culture and history is a particular one rooted in other hemispheres across the Black Atlantic.

A special spark hidden in the darkness of every creature that lives or ever will.

Voodu StarChild is the celebration of our darkness. The sound of our links back to the divine feminine.

Voodu StarChild is escape from the Inquisition of now.

Every tradition states that the dark came before the light. The natural comfort of the womb before the confusion of neon signs


1. VooduStarChild. Produced by Ben One.

2. Big Stuffs. Produced by John Hendicott

3. AnuMal. Produced by Neurotic Nate

4. AntiUatu. Produced by Wasif Scion & Juice Aleem

5. The Watchers. Produced by Ebu Blackitude

6. Which Doctors. [w. Kashmere]. Produced by Wasif Scion & Kashmere

7. Master Mined. Produced by Whodiniz

8. The Ritual. Produced by Ben One & Wasif Scion

9. Shadowless Rides Again. [w. Ebu Blackitude] Produced by Ebu Blackitude

10. Control All Gates. Produced by Evil 9

11. VooduMagneticMemory [w. Naomi Whelan]. Produced by Juice Aleem

12. Warriors. Produced by John Hendicott

13. My Jesus Got Gold Teeth [w. Myka 9]. Produced by Mike Ladd

14. Manuka Honey [w. Naomi Whelan & Abigail Amoako]. Produced by Wasif Scion

15. 0 Voodu Gang [w. Tie TLP, Damali Young, Kuba]

16. Erzulie’s Exorcism [w. Abigail Amoako]. Produced by Whodiniz

17. Don’t Fear the Snakebite [w. Wasif the Scion]. Produced by Wasif Sayyed & Rob Blakeney

18. Moor Masters [with Ebu Blackitude & H. Prizm]. Produced by Wasif Scion

19. Human Sacrifice. Produced by Ebu Blackitude

20. MoorKaBa LightBikes. Produced by Roots Manuva

21. Anu Star People. Produced by Juice Aleem

A perfect follow up to 2009’s Jerusalaam Come, with Aleem bringing the darker elements of society that we tend to be afraid to voice. Those natural inner feelings that natives are told to shun in order to live an alien life.

His most collaborative effort to date the album features the words and music of left of centre luminaries such as Mike Ladd, Roots Manuva, West Coast legend Myka 9, Kashmere / Lord Rao and Anti-Pop Consortium’s HPrizm.

Add to the mix a slew of newercomers in the shape of Naomi Whelan and Shadowless’ Wasif Scion who come through with the high beams.

These people were not only chosen because of their abilities but because of their understandings of the projects content.

Juice’s latest album is as much celebration as it is a call for new ways of living.


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